The team behind Scandifile

Behind Scandifile you will find the company Scandiplan systems aps which is located in Hellerup

The idea for Scandifile originated from the Øresund project, where we developed a successful ESDH system for the Øresund consortium to manage all project documentation.

A lot of data and many program designs have passed through the company and our products since the late nineties, but the ambition is still the same: to design super user-friendly case and journal systems for you, so you can always find your and the company's documents with the latest MS Windows and MS Office 365 versions.

A lot has happened on the technological front in recent years and today it is a must to have access via smartphones, via web applications and Windows 10 to the company's documents we can and we are ready to deliver a solution on Windows Azure .

The value expressions are today called easy retrieval of documents / emails, streamlining, close integration with the MS Office 365 package, knowledge sharing, digitization, workflows and with Scandifile and Bejourwww, we ourselves think that we have created a pretty nice solution for it.

Scandifile is used today by 1600 hundred users in the state and the private sector.

Scandifile is known as a super stable case and record system and our users praise the system's uptime

The Scandifile product has top references

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