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With scandifile you can always find your documents very quickly

We can easily sell you an ESDH system, but we also want to help ensure that you get a great start from day 1 and make full use of the full potential of Scandifile. We have listened a lot to the customers to ensure that it is very easy to register data in Scandifile and Scandifile is always up to date We call it services and we love having happy customers We guarantee that Scandifile is always running and there are no downtime and our products are thoroughly tested

We can deliver the Scandifile solution as a plugable Scandifile either as a physical server or as a virtual server on vm-ware or Hyper-V which is ready to be used on day 1. Scandifile requires the purchase of MS Windows 2012 / Windows 2016 licenses and MS SQL server 2019

We can also quickly install scandifile with you together with your IT supporters. We have ready-made journal plans so we can pre-fill the Scandifile databases so you can easily get started .

We can help your IT team with conversion projects, migration projects and switching to VDI environments and upgrading servers and switching between different MS SQL server ,. For many companies, the use of SQL databases is a natural integral part of the business. But managing one or more SQL servers can be extremely challenging as many factors are involved in a complex interplay this is where we can help the customer to success.

We can offer our customers consultants in the following areas:
- Project Managers
- Database Administrators
- System Architects
- VB programmers
- HTML / ASP programmers
- VDI experts
- IT Architectural Specialists
We also support services such as data capture (capture) from forms, and batch scanning for shares (These will be some tasks that are agreed in separate consulting agreements). Scandifile can be integrated with customers' other databases via APIs and Json objects

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