Scandiplan Systems ApS Credit Rating

Scandiplan system ApS receives an AA credit rating, a rating which is only awarded to approx. 20% of Danish companies. This is the second highest rating, and a clear proof of the stable business development at Scandiplan Systems. The Danish pioneer in the design of well-functioning and user-friendly journal systems is naturally very proud of the award and the signal that the AA rating sends to the ever-growing number of customers and partners.

About Soliditet's credit rating system
Soliditet's credit rating system was launched in 1989 and characterizes a company's ability to pay and survive based on more than 2,400 decision rules. It ensures the market's most comprehensive and accurate credit rating. The result is presented in the form of a credit rating from AAA to C. Description from
AA - Good credit rating
To achieve an AA (Double-A), it must be a company with a good ability to meet current risks.
A company's credit rating is an expression of its creditworthiness and ability to survive. Bisnode has the most recognized and well-established credit rating model on the market and is calculated based on a mathematical algorithm, which is based on more than 2,400 decision rules. These decision rules are based on the sub-assessments basic data, ownership, finances and payment experiences. The standard is also internationally recognized.

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