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case / journal for Windows 7 or 10

and get a great overview of your projects / cases / documents / emails

Scandifile suite

The Scandifile suite consists of the MS Windows client Scandifile case / journal and a mini-emergency which is tightly integrated with both Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer, so you can easily manage both case and document management directly from the tools you are used to using. With the scandifile package you can run on both Windows XP / Windows 7 or Windows 10 clients or use Internet explorer and use bejourwww
Scandifile uses a Microsoft SQL database 2012/2016 server to store its metadata in and the Document Store document archive to store the files.

Scandifile is designed based on the fact that it should be really easy to use, i.e. as few clicks as possible and easier workflows. This is what our customers want and it must always be reliable. Of course, Scandifile complies with all compliance rules for public and private organizations, so you do not have to worry about the law.

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Scandifile comes with APIs and JSON objects
easy integration with other enterprise applications

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